Pedri: The minutes we were heading out were a big burden

Pedri: The minutes we were heading out were a big burden

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Spain lost to Japan and for a few minutes in the match were heading out when Costa Rica drew level against Germany

Pedri acknowledged that on the pitch after Japan came from behind against Spain and in the moments when Costa Rica did the same against Germany, the minutes they were out of the World Cup 2022 were "a burden", but still believed that they have "another chance" to go far.

"On the pitch, those ten minutes that we were out were a burden, but we wanted to encourage our team-mates to react and stay in the World Cup," the Spain midfielder said in the mixed zone at Khalifa International Stadium.

"They were putting it on the scoreboard and we found out that we were out. We looked for the goal that didn't come, but we were lucky that Germany won. We have another chance and we have to go all out. Now the matches are do-or-die and we have to win all of them if we want to be in the final," he added.

The FC Barcelona player pointed out that they will review the mistakes they made before focusing on their next opponent, Morocco in the last 16: "Tomorrow we will look at the match and see what we need to improve, but from my point of view we lacked a lot of pace on the ball, moving it from side to side. If you don't move the ball quickly you don't create any danger".

Pedri didn't get into controversy over the action of Japan's second goal, which left a question mark over whether the ball had gone over the end line.

"I didn't see the replay, they put it on the video scoreboard, but I didn't notice it, I was more focused on getting the ball and scoring a goal so I could be on the side to go through first".

"We have to go all out because it's the last 16 of a World Cup and we have to go all out against Morocco. We weren't looking at the bracket or anything, just winning every game," he said.

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