Lionel Messi: We had to win and we knew how

Lionel Messi: We had to win and we knew how

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The Argentine scored again as his team took the points

Lionel Messi said Argentina had to win and they did, as the World Cup started all over again.

After a painful 2-1 defeat by Saudi Arabia in their first game, Argentina beat Mexico 2-0 on Satuday to give themselves a good chance of progressing.

"It was a hard game to get ourselves into because Mexico play well," said Messi.

"In the first half we played with intensity and in the second we calmed ourselves down and were ourselves again.

"The first game was hard for us, there were a lot of conditioning factors, and two isolated moves.

"We knew that today we had to win, that another World Cup was starting for us, and we knew how to do it.

"We can't give up now, we have finals ahead of us to play, we can't make mistakes. We knew the response of the fans would be like this, I think that we did it, we have been together for a long time."

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