Gerard Pique on not congratulating Leo Messi on World Cup win

Gerard Pique on not congratulating Leo Messi on World Cup win

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The retired defender said various things in an interview

Every time Gerard Piqué stands in front of a microphone, things happen. The former Barça player gave an interview to Tiktoker John Nellis in which he had no problem talking about who is the best footballer in the world and about not congratulating former teammate Leo Messi for winning the World Cup in Qatar last year.

On the best player in the world: "As a striker and for various reasons I would say Messi. He is the best in the world right now and I think he is the best ever in this game among those who won the World Cup. It was his dream." 

"Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol and Cesc Fàbregas" were his choices for the best goalkeeper, defender and midfielder.

On the eternal debate: Messi or Cristiano: "It is true that the fight between the two of them in the last decade was quite impressive, because both of them did incredibly well. In recent years I would choose Messi for sure. And he showed that even at 35 he can compete. He is the best player in the world and he showed it in the World Cup."

Not congratulating Messi: "Not really. My last few months were hard and I needed to disconnect. I didn't watch any World Cup games, just the final and not the whole game."

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