Why Real Madrid can't sign a galactico for Benitez

There's little more than two weeks to go before the transfer window closes and it doesn't look like Rafa Benitez is going to get a galactico, like all his predecessors.

Xavi Canals

Manuel Pellegrini had Cristiano, Kaka and Benzema, Mourinho inherited those three plus Modric, and Carlo Ancelotti had Bale, Kroos and James. So far, Rafa has only got Danilo, Casemiro, Lucas Vazquez, Marco Asensio, Kiko Casilla and the return of Cheryshev, as well as Jesus Vallejo who will stay at Zaragoza on loan.

They might sign David de Gea, and potentially a central midfielder and forward, but not a first rate one.

Santiago Bernabeu chiefs insist it's difficult to improve the squad and there are no top level footballers on the market. But the reason for not signing a galactico is different. 

Unlike other seasons, Real Madrid have not taken any money in sales. Chicharito returned to Manchester United from his loan, while Pachecho, Khedira and Casillas left for free. In the case of the latter, Madrid are still paying him off. 

The club are close to hitting the UEFA Financial Fair Play limit, because they have not raised any money. They have purchased Danilo for €31.5m, Casmiro back for €7.5m, €6m for Kiko Casilla, €5m for Jesus Vallego, €3.9m for Marco Asensio, €1m for Vazquez back. €54.9m, plus potential money for De Gea which could take the total up to €90m. 

Taking into account their profit from last season was €74m, Madrid are runnign the risk of being fined like PSG and Manchester City. Florentino Perez knows all eyes are on the club.



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