Victor Valdes doesn't plan to quit role as Barcelona U19s coach

The returning goalkeepers has not got off to a good start with Juvenil A

Así sufrió Valdés su primera expulsión: se le escaparon unas duras palabras y recibió la roja |

Victor Valdes' future as coach of Barcelona's Juvenil A team remains in the air. After a strong discussion with Patrick Kluivert, his time in the role looked up. But the people close to the former goalkeeper insist to SPORT that he doesn't plan on quitting. 

Albert Rogé


The discrepancies between Valdes and the club have been brewing. The coach is not in agreement with the club obliging him to play a certain system and certain players. He's used various systems since taking the job in the summer, but Barcelona want him to return to the club's traditional 4-3-3. Valdes feels the manager should have complete control. The clearest example is Ilaix Moriba. The club have invested in the midfielder and he's not featured regularly. 

Given all that, he arrived at the training ground on Friday aware he could be sacked. He told his players as much. They responded with applause y the coach feels he has their support, so he doesn't plan to resign. Afterwards, he went for the meeting with Kluivert. 

As we say, people close to Valdes insist he's focused on the development of his players. However, he's also aware that the club could make a different decision in the coming days. 


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