Van Dijk: "I have no idea how you stop Lionel Messi"

The Liverpool centre back considers the Argentine superstar to be "the best in the world" and will have to find a way to stop him over 180 minutes

 Virgil van Dijk cerró el marcador ante el Porto  | MEDIAPRO

As soon as Liverpool's match against FC Porto had finished, the players attention switched to the upcoming semi-final clash with Barça.

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One of the most important men in Liverpool's dressing room is their centre back Virgil van Dijk. The most expensive centre back in the history of football comes up against the best player in the history of football, Lionel Messi.

"How are we going to do it (stop Messi)? I don’t know, we’ll see. It’s going to be a great match-up for all of us," insisted van Dijk. "It’s about doing it all together, it’s never 1vs1, it’s never just me against a particular striker. It’s always us against everyone and I think that’s the only way we can defend well."

And van Dijk knows it'll probably be his toughest rival to date. "It’s going to be very hard and I think he’s the best player in the world but we’ll see."


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