Valencia surprised by Gasperini's coronavirus admission

The Spanish side are not happy about what the Atalanta coach has come out with

El show de Gasperini y el Atalanta | Perform

Valencia published a statement expressing their surprise that Atalanta coach Gasperini came to Mestalla with coronavirus symptoms to play their Champions League match on March 10.

"I was scared. The day before the game I was sick, the afternoon of the game worse. The two nights after I slept little," Gasperini told Italian publication Gazzetta dello Sport.

“If you look at the pictures, I did not look good on the bench. That was March 10. The two nights afterwards, I did not sleep well. I didn’t have a fever, but I felt like I did."

“The day after, the team received food and 2008 Dom Perignon from a Michelin-star chef who is a fan of Atalanta. I tasted it and said: 'This is water…' The food tasted like bread. I had completely lost my sense of taste."

Valencia replied on Sunday.

“Valencia CF wish to publicly express our surprise at comments made by Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini which appeared in the Italian press this Sunday, stating that, both the day before and the day of the match played on March 10th at Mestalla, the coach of our opposing team in the UEFA Champions League Last 16 game was aware of suffering symptoms theoretically compatible with those of coronavirus, without taking preventive measures,” said Valencia in a statement.

“Such actions, if this was the case, would have put at risk numerous people during the trip to, and stay in, Valencia."


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