Louis van Gaal sticks up for De Jong and Koeman after criticism

The former Barca coach thinks that foreigners get the blame in Catalonia

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Louis van Goal, the Dutch coach, came out to defend compatriots Frenkie de Jong and Ronald Koeman. He said the criticism they have received is “typical” at Barcelona.

“When everything goes well and you make good contributions like Frenkie has done in the last two years there’s nothing to worry about,” said Van Goal. “But when things go badly, people at Barcelona always look at foreigners. And in this case that applies to the coach.”

Van Goal, who coached Barcelona twice says “history repeats itself” because he too received criticism for bad results and he told them “not to pay too much attention” to any such comments.

On Frenkie de Jong, he said he should be played deeper at Barcelona.

“He plays in midfield for me. I’ve played in that role too and you don’t have to run too much, but he does. Sometimes I think, Frenkie, you run too much!”




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