Tenerife club Raqui San Isidro set for Pedro windfall

Pedro’s former club are set to receive a substantial windfall from the Spain international’s move from Barcelona to Chelsea. 

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He is expected to link up with Jose Mourinho and Cesc Fabregas at some point this week in a deal which will cost up to 30 million euros — which is great new for Raqui San Isidro, who play their football in Tenerife. 

FIFA rules state that the fact Pedro played for the club until to the age of 17, before he moved to Barça, means they will receive close to 450,000 euros from the transfer. 

Raqui are understandably delighted, as their president Jaime Lorenzo has been explaining in interviews with Diario de Avisos and El Dorsal.  

"With this money we are getting, we will be able to clear all of our debts hanging over us,” he said.

“We’ll buy some apartments and rent them out to guarantee the club some money. It means we're not dependent on money from the local authorities in the Canary Islands. 

"It will guarantee around 5,000 or 6,000 per month and we will have it written into the statutes that the flats can’t be sold.” 

“We're going to have a lot more interest, too, as more players will want to come to Raqui San Isidro. 

"Certainly we're going to try and build a project. We already have quite a good team, with the aim of going up. With this money, we can reinforce further."



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