UEFA chief Ceferin threatens Real Madrid with semi-final suspension

The Slovenian president was not impressed by what Florentino Perez has been talking

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Alexander Ceferin, the UEFA president, has threatened Real Madrid and Florentino Perez with suspension from the Champions League ahead of their semi-final against Chelsea.

Speaking to 24ur, the UEFA chief says he did not like president Florentino Perez’s word, where he fired shots at Ceferin.

“The key is that this season has started, the television channels will claim damages and costs if we don’t play the semi-finals,” said Ceferin. “But there is a relatively small possibility that this game is not played next week. But it will be a bit different in the future.”

Ceferin says that what Perez wants is a “president who obeys him, listens to him and does what he thinks. And I try to do what’s good for European and world football.”

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