The clubs that leave the European Super League must pay €300m fine

According to Vozpopuli that's how much the teams that are dropping have to pay

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The creation of the European Super League has not stopped making a noise since the announcement of its creation on Sunday.

The reactions arrived immediately followed by the withdrawals, although none of the 12 founders of the league have officially left yet. The reason is money.

According to Vozpopuli, any team that wants to leave the league will have to pay a fine of €300 million per the contract they all signed upon entry.

The clause was fought for by, among others, Florentino Perez, aware that some of the English teams had doubts about being involved.

According to the report, the €300m fine is related to another importing figure, the €3.5 billion loan that the Super League was due to receive from the investment bank JP Morgan -- that's how much they were going to receive upon the foundation of the competition.




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