Florentino Perez and his key quotes on the European Super League

He spoke on Spanish television on Monday night about the new project

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Florentino Perez spoke on El Chiringuito on Mega last night to explain the creation of the European Super League, which has sent football into complete chaos.

Some are trying to stop it but the Real Madrid and future ESL president says that “the idea is to start the Super League in August”. Here are his most important quotes.


“When you have no income, only that from television, you understand that the solution is to have more competitive games, the most attractive you can have in the world. We have decided that in the week, instead of the Champions League, we can have a Super League with more games.”


“We have to think why young people aren’t interested in football. There are a lot of games of limited quality and lots of other platforms to entertain yourself, so football has to change. A group of clubs of some European countries want to do something to make the sport more attractive on a world level.” 


“There are 15 teams that generate value and five that come on sporting merit. It’s not a closed league, it’s open. We have never thought about a closed league. We believe in sporting merit. The money goes to everyone, it’s a pyramid. If those at the top have money, it goes to those below. That can happen here.”


“UEFA are working on a new format, that they presented today. I don’t understand it, nobody does. It won’t generate the income needed to save football. The idea would be to start as soon as possible. We say we will talk with UEFA and FIFA. I don’t know why someone has to get angry. We can’t have a president (of UEFA) that insults the president of a club and we want transparency. I know what Lebron James earns because his salary is public but I don’t know what the president of UEFA earns for example.”

DEAD IN 2024

“They say the new Champions League will start in 2024, in 2024 we are dead! UEF is a monopoly and it has to be transparent. They have to be open to dialogue and not threatening.”


“Any player can be totally calm because that is not going to happen (banned from Euros/World Cup).”


“We have not invited PSG. For now we are 12, we could be 15.” On Bayern: “Nobody with common sense thinks this will end domestic leagues. That’s stupid.”


“VAR will improve, referees will improve. There will be financial fair play and clubs will improve. We want football to go on for another 100 years.”


“We can go on for another year. We’ve been working on this for two or three. We’ve got to a situation that we can’t bear. The idea is to start in August.”


“It’s better for everyone. Their survival depends on everyone going well. It’s can’t be that most small clubs get money and Barcelona loses money.”

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