The witnesses coming to court today to declare in Dani Alves case

The witnesses coming to court today to declare in Dani Alves case

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The Brazilian defender is accused of a grave misdeed and currently banged up

The 'Dani Alves case' continues to advance and today, according to La Sexta, a new hearing will be held in court and this one will be key, as up to eight witnesses who witnessed the events in the nightclub in the early hours of 30 December 2022 will come to testify.

Among them are the victim's friend and cousin, the owner of the club, the security staff, also the footballer's friend and, in addition, the doorman of the club who activated the sexual aggression protocol. The investigator wants to know in detail what happened in the moments before, as Alves' new lawyer, in his defence strategy, questioned everything. 

This is part of the investigation process in which the judge continues to gather as much information as necessary to clarify what happened. It will not be public, nor is it known at what time the witnesses will attend in order to preserve their safety and identity. In the order, the examining magistrate already stated that she saw "more than enough evidence" after the victim's account and the player's continuous changes.

So far Dani Alves remains in prison without bail, despite having requested his release a few days ago, and his lawyer Cristóbal Martell has assured that the economic situation of the full-back is not good due to the loss of sponsorships, as well as having terminated the contract with PUMAS and that the club is asking for compensation for the public scandal, as one of the clauses of that contract demands.

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