Pedri will make history with Spain at the Euros

Pedri will make history with Spain at the Euros

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The Barca midfielder is looking to start against Sweden

Pedri is one of Spain’s big Euro 2020 hopes. He’s the player that symbolises the regeneration looked for by Luis Enrique and the power of his ability to unbalance opponents is crucial for Spain’s hopes.

He can make history with La Roja. If he debuts against Sweden in Seville on Monday, he will be come the youngest player at the Euros in Spain’s history, 18 years, six months and 18 days old.

He would take the record from Miguel Tendillo (Valencia), who played at Euro 1980 in Italy at 19 years, four months and 11 days old.

The midfielder already became the sixth youngest player to debut for Spain at 18 years and 120 days against Greece a few months ago.

None of those before him managed to play in a Euros that young though and Pedri can set a new record.

The overall record at Euros melons to Dutchman Jetro Willems, who played in 2012 at 18 and 71 days.

Pedri, if he scores, will be the second youngest to net at a Euros. Johan Volanthen (Switerland) managed it at 18 and 141 days. Pedri can beat Wayne Rooney, who scored at 18 and 237 days. On Monday, Pedri will be 18 and 201 days old.

List of Spain’s youngest debutants at Euros. (Años - years, meses - months - dias - days)

1- Tendillo: 19 años, 4 meses, 11 días

2- Fernando Torres: 20 años, 2 meses, 23 días

3- Césc Fàbregas: 21 años, 1 mes, 6 días

4- Gerard López: 21 años, 3 meses, 13 días

5- José Ángel Iribar: 21 años, 3 meses, 19 días

6- Francisco López Álfaro: 21 años, 7 meses 19 días

7- Robert Fernández: 21 años, 11 meses, 22 días

8- Sergio Ramos: 22 años, 2 meses, 11 días

9- Julen Guerrero: 22 años, 5 meses, 2 días

10- David Silva: 22 años, 5 meses, 2 días

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