Luis Enrique: The strongest line of the team I have is the defence

Luis Enrique: The strongest line of the team I have is the defence

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The coach did not care about the critics and defended the Spain backline

Luis Enrique sees the match against Portugal as a final and he is convinced that Spain are in a position to win. "It's a final and that's how we're going to approach it. It's positive to have come into the last game with options. It's a privilege to risk it against such a powerful team".

The Spaniard praised Portugal's potential but insisted that he is convinced they will compete. "Nobody is scary in football. It looks good for the journalists, but if we talk about their players they are (all) top, not just Cristiano. They are one of the favourites, like Spain. It is the fourth time we have played against them and we have drawn the first three. I think even if it had been a boxing match we would have won on points."

The defeat against Switzerland has also agitated the debate about the national team defence. The Asturian recalled that the defence does not just defend by itself and that it's a team effort. Questioned about whether it is the most fragile line of the team, he made a forceful defence: "The most powerful line I have is the defence, because here there is not only a line that defends, the entire team defends. The same also in attack. Unai Simon attacks first."

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