Eric Garcia: I've never seen a group so committed


Eric Garcia: I've never seen a group so committed

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The new Barca defender spoke about the hard working Spain camp

Eric Garcia spoke to SPORT from the Spanish national team camp at Las Rozas. Here are some of his key quotes ahead of the full interview on Thursday.

Ambition: “Our ambition is the maximum, (but) we have to go step by step, game by game. The team’s hope is very big. The team is spectacular with enormous quality in training. I’ve not seen so much effort and that says a lot about the team and its ambition. But first we play Poland and then what will come will come.”

Morata: “The whole team is capable of scoring goals. Alvaro had the bad luck of the chance, but we all know that he’s a great player, he has our confidence, our support and he’ll score a lot of goals.”

Would Kun solve Spain goal problem? (Eric laughs). “That wouldn’t be bad! I don’t need to talk too much about him, he’s got tired of scoring goals in England. I hope he can do it with us too (at Barca).”

Olympics: “I’m focused on the Euros, what happens after we’ll see.”

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