Rubiales reveals Moreno told RFEF he wants 'agreed departure'

Robert Moreno is unlikely to remain on as part of Luis Enrique's staff

Luis Rubiales y Gerard Moreno en una concentración de la selección española
Luis Rubiales y Gerard Moreno en una concentración de la selección española | EFE

The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, who confirmed on Monday the reappointment of Luis Enrique as Spain coach, has revealed that Robert Moreno has asked for an "agreed departure" from his role with the national team. 

Moreno was Luis Enrique's No.2 but took over from him on an official basis five months ago when the former Barcelona coach was forced to step down for personal reasons. He remained in charge until Monday's 5-0 win against Romania, which proved to be his final game as Spain boss. 

"It's important you know the truth," Rubiales said in a press conference on Monday. "We're going to reveal what happened. Today we can confirm that Luis Enrique is returning to the national team. On June 19, we presented Robert Moreno. On that day, we signed a contract that nade is clear that if Luis Enrique could return, he would return. No one can feel deceived here. We have been transparent at all times." 

Rubiales continued, explaining that it had been Moreno himself who had told the RFEF of Luis Enrique's desire to return to the bench. However, on Monday, the day of the game against Romania, Moreno said he wanted an agreed departure "to not be an obstacle in Luis Enrique's return," according to the RFEF chief. 

"No one had negotiated with Luis Enrique or with anyone else," Rubiales added. "On Monday we received a message from Robert Moreno in the morning. He transmitted to us that he wanted to agree on his departure and not impede Luis Enrique's return. He told us on the day of the game he wanted to leave. Given the urgency of the situation, (RFEF sporting director) Molina spoke with me and asked me to speak with Luis Enrique to see if he wants to return." 

Rubiales said that things had happened quickly because Moreno "didn't come to the meeting (on Tuesday) morning, but sent two lawyers, who we received with complete respect" to speak about the termination of his contract. "Through this situation, there's been contact with Luis Enrique, who has accepted the chance to return to the job."  

When asked why Robert Moreno won't figure on Luis Enrique's staff anymore, the president of the RFEF said: "The decisions Luis Enrique makes with respect to his staff is down to the personal and professional relationship between Luis Enrique and his staff. It's something Luis Enrique will explain when he feels appropriate." 


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