Roberto Carlos: How's it possible we got away with so much craziness?

The former Real Madrid player has looked back on the Galactico era with Beckham and Co

 El brasileño destapa las vergüenzas del Real Madrid | sport

Juan Linares (@Jlinares91)

Former Real Madrid player Roberto Carlos has looked back on some of the "craziness" that the Galacticos got up to at the turn of the century. 

Carlos says they appreciated the understanding afforded to them by coach Vicente del Bosque, who would not demand too much from them in terms of training so that they could enjoy their private lives. 

“(Del Bosque) was more like a friend," he said. "You didn’t need rules. We knew perfectly well what he wanted. Training on Monday was at five in the afternoon. Sometimes on Tuesday as well. He didn’t ask us to come in at 11:00 because practically nobody showed up.”

Talking about the Galacticos, he added: “Today, when I’m looking back I think; how is it possible that we got away with so much craziness? After every game it was private jets left, right and centre.

"We’d meet up at the private terminal at Barajas and Beckham would be off god knows where, Figo and Zidane would be off somewhere or other, Ronaldo and me… and we always had to train the day after tomorrow.

"I used to pray for Saturday fixtures so I could go to the Formula 1 on Sunday. It was private jets all over the place. It was crazy.”


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