Zinedine Zidane wants Gareth Bale out of the squad

The French coach is fed up of the golfer and would like him out of the club

Gareth Bale has run down Zinedine Zidane's patience according to Eduardo Inda on El Chiringuito. 

Alejandro Alcázar


Real Madrid fans have already shown they are fed up of him and now it's the French coach's turn. He says that Zizou doesn't like Bale's passive attitude. 

He didn't like being left on the bench against Eibar and came on for 30 minutes but played badly, too casually against a team trying to strike.

This bad attitude was shown again when he was seen laughing without a mask on in training, or in a golf pose he took in training.

Zidane has left him out of both the last two games. He would count on Bale if he was 100 per cent committed and fit but he doesn't think that is the case. 

The problem is that Bale is on such a high wage - 15m euros per season - so it's hard for anyone to take him.



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