Zinedine Zidane: The game should not have taken place

The French coach kicked off about the weather in Pamplona

Zinedine Zidane left El Sadar angry, above all because of the weather and the pitch in Pamplona. His team drew 0-0 with Osasuna on Saturday. 

“I think that we should not have played,” said Zidane, in a strop. “We did what we could on the pitch. We lacked everything, playing like this is very hard. In the end they took the decision to play, they played and that’s what we have seen. I have not seen a football match.

“Today is a day to say things but nothing will change. We’re not excusing ourselves but the conditions should not be.”

Zidane also did not like having to stay overnight in Pamplona, because the team could not fly back, stopping them getting as much preparation for the Spanish Super Cup in as possible.

“What happened yesterday, what happened today, we’re staying here again,” said Zidane. “We’ll see tomorrow if we can travel, or Monday. We don’t know anything.

“We’ll continue. We have a game on Wednesday and hope we have conditions to play football in.”




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