What's behind Cristiano Ronaldo's threat to Real Madrid?

Ronaldo's never had a good relationship with Florentino Perez

He has threatened to leave before in a bid to earn more money

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What's behind Cristiano Ronaldo's latest threat? Well, another attempt to earn more money. It is, without doubt, the work of his powerful agent Jorge Mendes to achieve another salary increase. Ronaldo considers himself the No.1 footballer in the world and wants to be the best paid. And now Leo Messi is set to renew his deal, he's demanding to remain above the Barcelona star. 

Lluís Mascaró


Lluís Mascaró


Ronaldo and his agent have taken advantage of the tax evasion accusations (supposedly totalling 14.7 million euros) to begin a new attack against Florentino Perez. The relationship between the Madrid president and the Portuguese international has never been fluid. The opposite, in fact. Ronaldo has always accused Perez of not protecting him like Barça do with Messi. That's provoked envy and problems. 


In dact, five years ago in September of 2012, Ronaldo threatened to leave Madrid. "I am sad with the people at this club," he said in clear reference to Perez. In the end, as always, everything was resolved with a new contract and a considerable rise in the player's wages. 

On that occasion, like now, Perez was tough with Ronaldo at first and they had a tense meeting where he said he could pay his release clause and leave the club -- and that with the money he would sign Messi. The nightmare relationship between the president and the player has improved throughout the years, but it seems more difficult that they can carry on after this. 

Why? Well, because Ronaldo has seen that Perez was not able to stop the tax investigation against him and could end up in prison (a sentence of up to seven years is possible if proven guilty). The only solution would be for Madrid to pay the fine to the tax office and for there to be no court case...



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