Vinicius could face a one-game ban by UEFA for post-match comments

The governing body must decide whether his comments towards the referee warrant further action

Vinicius en un lance del juego frente al Manchester City.
Vinicius en un lance del juego frente al Manchester City. | EFE

Vinicius Jr's post-match comments could see him land in hot water with UEFA.

Ramón Fuentes


"They didn't physically beat us. Gabriel Jesus fouled (Sergio Ramos) for the first goal. Everyone knows this. It happened in the first half between myself and Mahrez and a foul was given against me. They have VAR and didn't want to use it. The referees always come here and make decisions against us. I saw that it was a foul on the pitch, I didn't need to see it in the dressing room. It's always the same here. In the match against Levante, the first yellow card went to Sergio for his first foul. It isn't normal. Do they make calls against us on purpose? Yes, yes. We're the team who has won the most Champions League." 

Those declarations might be investigated by UEFA for unsporting conduct. If found guilty, he would be suspended for the return leg in Manchester unless Madrid decided to appeal the verdict. The highest sanction available would be a three-match ban. 

You might remember that Neymar received a similar punishment last season for his comments towards the referee after PSG lost to Manchester United. "It's embarrassing. They have four people out there who don't understand football to analyse a moment in a match. How can it be a penalty if it hit his back? It wasn't a penalty."

Neymar's ban was originally for three matches but was reduced to two on appeal.


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