Marcelo: If Real Madrid don't want me I will be sad but I will leave

The player denied having an offer on the table from Juventus


Marcelo, contundente respecto a su futuro
Marcelo, contundente respecto a su futuro | afp

Real Madrid defender Marcelo says he has "never" planned to leave the club, but that if they don't want him they can pay him off and "everything will be fixed." 

In the same interview with Esporte Interactivo, he revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo told him of his decision to leave before last season's Champions League final. 

But he denied rumours he wants to join Ronaldo at Juventus: "Leaving Real Madrid has never passed through my head." 

Marcelo, though, added that he would accept it if Madrid want to get rid of him -- he has recently lost his place in Santiago Solari's side. 

"If that happens [Madrid wanting to sell me], let them pay me and everything will be fixed," he said. "I have confidence in myself, in my work, but if the day comes when Madrid don't want me, I will go. 

"I will be sad, but I will go. But I am sure I am not going to be fired." 


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