Trouble mounting for Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti

Trouble mounting for Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti

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It is an open secret. Carlo Ancelotti, barring an unexpected twist in the script (nothing can be ruled out at Real Madrid, as we have seen in recent summers with Kylian Mbappé), will leave the Santiago Bernabéu at the end of the current season to take charge of the Brazil national team, with whom he would be ready to play in the Copa América 2024, which kicks off on June 20 in the United States. This is the Italian's last season in the Madrid dugout, a circumstance that is affecting the day-to-day running of the team.

Ancelotti, a coach accustomed to managing a dressing room full of stars with his left hand and who manages to keep all his players engaged and satisfied beyond their role, is encountering more fires this year than he would like. The players are aware that whoever manages them next season will be a different coach and this reduces Carletto's authority in the eyes of the staff, among whom complaints are multiplying, reports 'Marca'. 


It is not only the lack of protagonism that, for example, Modric is having, but also the change of usual position of many players who are raising their voices even publicly claiming to play in their natural area, as Rodrygo, who did not hesitate during the training camp with the Brazilian national team to complain: "I have always made it clear that I have the ability to play on the wing, I do not like to play as a '9', but in my club I have to do it," he said. The truth is that his performance has plummeted this season and is far from his previous best.


Something similar is happening with Tchouameni, who has also taken the opportunity to assert himself as a midfielder, a position in which he earned the right to sign for Real Madrid. Now, however, and due to the team's injuries, against Osasuna he had to play in the center of the defense. "I hope it won't last, I prefer to play in the center of the field", explained the Frenchman, aware, despite everything, that the situation forces him to make sacrifices: "I have set myself the challenge of doing well in that position".

Lack of prominence

For his part, Luka Modric has long known that he is in his last season at Real Madrid and, in fact, there are those who claim that he could even leave in January: "This is a new situation for me, I don't play as much as before or as much as I would like to," he said. "I always want to play, I don't want a vacation". Neither was Kroos happy with the new situation, although he has gradually regained importance in the team.

Camavinga, for his part, is not too keen on keeping being put at left-back, where he has already played several times. "I don't particularly like that position, I think everyone knows that," he has complained. Even to Ancelotti, to whom he said it personally, although he understands that "we had to put someone in there, the best thing is to give everything for the club and for the team".

Beyond public statements with which, in addition to complaining, they try not to inflame the mood in the locker room, it is clear that too many players are uncomfortable with their new role in the team, a situation that Ancelotti must manage delicately. However, the coach understands that all his decisions are for the good of the team, which is above any player. For the moment, the results are helping to keep the waters calm, but everything can change at any moment...

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