Thibaut Courtois explodes: Making us play was lamentable

The Real Madrid goalkeeper does not think the 0-0 draw with Osasuna should have taken place

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Real Madrid’s Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois criticised La Liga for making his team play their game against Osasuna on Saturday night in the snow.

“We were able to play but from La Liga it’s a bit lamentable that they made us, Rayo Vallecano and other teams (do it). I think that they knew for a while this weather was going to happen. Not just the game but also taking off with the runway half-frozen, today we couldn’t return, we may have to go directly to Malaga and La Liga has to think we are humans and that we’re not a spectacle that always has to play,” he told Movistar.

“We do what they ask us, if they tell us if you don’t go you lose three points, if your see how Madrid is, how the situation is, we have come to the pitch with the motorway full of snow, I don’t think it’s so safe and before anything you have to think about the safety of people. We have family and we are not puppets that always have to play.”



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