The anti-sheikh clause that Real Madrid are adding to youth contracts

Madrid don't want to see their best talent leave the club

They have taken action to avoid players being robbed

El Real Madrid blinda a su cantera
El Real Madrid blinda a su cantera | Real Madrid

Real Madrid have decided to take measures to avoid having players taken from their academy.

Recent cases in Spanish football, which have seen some young players tempted by the millions on offer from sheikhs at other clubs, have obliged them to take action. 

The club's chiefs, therefore, have decided to include a clause which will prevent players leaving for just a few million euros. 

According to Marca, Madrid have been including a 30 million euro buyout clause in the contract of all players aged 16 or above that have come through La Fabrica. 

It's a way to tie down the players and to prevent them being robbed without the club's permission. 

In some cases, some of the player's have committed to buyout clauses which are even higher, some up to 50 or 60 million euros. 


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