Sevilla kick out fan for racist gesture against Real Madrid

Sevilla kick out fan for racist gesture against Real Madrid

Sevilla and Real Madrid played out a 1-1 draw in a thrilling, end-to-end encounter that could have gone either way. The match had a bit of everything. Good play, goals, controversial moments, tension... but at no point did the game deviate from the canons of fair play, despite the final brawl after a scuffle between Vinicius and Nyland.

Despite the intensity with which the Sánchez Pizjuán fans turned out to support their team, the tension did not spill over into the stands. And this was largely thanks to the inflexible attitude of Sevilla's management towards reactions that were not in keeping with good behaviour in check.

La Liga is very sensitive in the fight against racism, especially after the chapter lived last season at Mestalla, with Vinicius also as a protagonist. In this sense, Sevilla reacted quickly yesterday when a fan showed racist and xenophobic attitudes. They explained this after the match in a statement in which they announced that the fan had been handed over to the police. It read:

"Sevilla FC wishes to communicate that after detecting xenophobic and racist behaviour by a fan in its stands, it has proceeded to identify him, expel him from the stadium and report him to the police authorities who were on duty at our stadium.

"In addition, the internal disciplinary regulations will be applied rigorously and he will be expelled as a member imminently.

"Sevilla FC is against and condemns any racist and xenophobic behaviour, even if it is isolated, as in this case, and shows its predisposition and collaboration with the authorities to eradicate these attitudes, which do not represent a fan club such as Sevilla FC."

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