Sergio Ramos: Messi took a bad knock but it was involuntary

The Madrid captain spoke after the 1-0 Clasico defeat on Saturday by Barcelona

Así justificó Ramos su codazo a Messi | @casadelfutbol

Sergio Ramos clashed with Lionel Messi just before half-time, hitting the Argentine with his arm as they tussled for the ball. Ramos spoke after the game and explained himself.

Pep Costa

“Messi took a bad knock but it was totally involuntary,” said Ramos. “There was nothing bad between us and it just happened.”

Madrid are now 12 points behind Barca and the title is escaping them yet again.

“It’s a pity that the league’s getting away from us but even so we will fight to the end because in football everything is possible,” said Ramos.

“They took an important step forward with their efficiency and we are a long way behind.”

However he refuted the idea that Madrid are afraid of Barca.

“Barca are not a nightmare for us. The other day they had goals and efficiency, and we didn’t have it. We didn’t take advantage of our chance to catch-up in La Liga. We had less time to recover between the games but that’s not an excuse and we have to congratulate the opponent, above all for the result.”


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