Real Madrid's gross debt rises to €901 million, around €200m less than Barça

Madrid's numbers aren't as bad as Barcelona's but they are not great, either

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Real Madrid's Annual General Meeting to close the club's accounts for the 2019-20 season and approve them for the 2020-21 campaign was held online this year due to the coronavirus.

The number presented by Madrid, similarly to Barcelona, were cause of concern. Europe's biggest clubs are all feeling the affects of a global pandemic and Los Blancos are no different.

At the end of the 19-20 season, Madrid's gross debt stood at 901 million euros and their net debt had risen to 355 million euros. Of the net debt, 241 million euros doesn't relate to the Bernabeu renovation, which counts for 114 million of the net debt.

If you compare these numbers with Barça, the 355 million net debt is less than Barça 488 million net debt, which the club revealed in October.

However, it's the short-term debt that is Barça's biggest concern. They have a gross debt of 730 million in the short-term, while Madrid's is just 203 million.

In summary, Madrid's gross debt is 901 million euros and Barcelona's has risen 1.173 billion euros.




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