Real Madrid dressing room breathes easy after Mourinho to Spurs

Real stars think Mou returning would be a nightmare and Florentino uses him to scare them

Mourinho, nuevo entrenador del Tottenham | PERFORM

Florentino Perez, Real Madrid’s president, has a formula that he uses to get results from his team when things aren’t going well. Leaking Jose Mourinho’s name to the media as a potential Madrid coach, which scares the players into action. He did it in the Lopetegui and Solari eras, as well as repeating it with Zidane.

Mourinho provokes panic in the dressing room, especially among the big names like Sergio Ramos. So now he has been announced as Spurs coach, Madrid players can breathe easy.

The Portuguese would be the worst case scenario for Madrid players. The reality is that Florentino Perez would be more likely to go for the Italian Massimiliano Allegri if he wants a replacement for Zidane. And now, of course, Mauricio Pochettino is free and available.


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