Madrid defender Nacho loses family member to coronavirus

Nacho's brother Alex Fernandez revealed the news in an interview on Thursday

"Hay gente de la familia que ha dado positivo y algún familiar de avanzada edad que ha fallecido"

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Nacho durante un entrenamiento  | EFE

The coronavirus is affecting a lot of football players and their families. One of them is Real Madrid defender Nacho Fernandez, whose brother, Alex, has explained to the Diario de Cadiz that the virus has taken the life of a family member.

"I'm going through this like everyone else, it's a strange situation," he said. "It's all super strange. But I'm taking it on in the best way possible and with family. 

"In Madrid, there are people in the family that have tested positive and an elder member of the family has died. We can say that we have been affected." 

Alex, now of Cadiz but formerly of Real Madrid and Espanyol added: "It's something you don't think you will go through. You're never prepared for a situation like this, it's impossible to imagine.

"I am in daily contact with the family and, save what happened with our elderly relative, we're all safe, at home. We're going to have to stay at home for two more weeks, that's the feeling I have based on what I read and the news I get." 


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