Real Madrid cool interest in Eriksen after being quoted €120m by Spurs

Madrid aren't willing to offer more than €75m which could see Eriksen perform a u-turn and re-sign with Tottenham

El Tottenham ha tasado a Eriksen en 120 millones
El Tottenham ha tasado a Eriksen en 120 millones | EFE

Real Madrid's proposed deal for Christian Eriksen has cooled due to the financial demands by Tottenham Hotspur. Madrid know how difficult it is to negotiate with Daniel Levy, the Spurs chairman, and are concerned a deal won't be struck.

Alejandro Alcázar



Tottenham are demanding €120m whereas Florentino Perez feels €75m is a fair. Eriksen has threatened to sign a new deal at the North London club if they don't make an effort to secure a move. Perez doesn't feel Eriksen is worth a fee only usually reserved for 'galaticos'.


Madrid's plan now is to let the move cool down and come back at a later date when Spurs feel forced to accept a lower offer. Another option is to wait another 12 months and sign him on a free transfer.

The complicated talks between Spurs and Madrid isn't something new. We've seen it before in deals for Luka Modric and Gareth Bale.

Zinedine Zidane also doesn't see Eriksen as a priority. He instead prefers Paul Pogba although any deal for him would exceed the amount demanded by Spurs for Eriksen.


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