Zidane breached lockdown rules in Comunidad de Madrid

The Frenchman was spotted in a village along way from the capital of Madrid

Zidane se saltó en confinamiento
Zidane se saltó en confinamiento | sport


It's not come to light because the residents didn't give credit to events which happened last week in the outskirts of the Comunidad de Madrid. SPORT have been able to confirm that the Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane, in a residential area in a village along way away from the Spanish capital. 

Zidane's presence there can be explained because the current Madrid coach has a second home there which he purchased just over a year ago. Initially, everything would seem normal, save the fact that when Zidane made the visit to his second residency, the Comunidad de Madrid was still in Phase 0, where it will remain until midnight on Sunday. 

It's a situation which, as recorded in the State Bulletin (BOE), is completely prohibited. You cannot move between town borders unless for strictly personal reasons. But you can never go to a second home which you have in addition to your primary residency.  

Luckily for Zidane, it seems no one captured the moment because, if they had, those images could be handed to the police and could bring a fine. In this case, and according to the sanctions laid out by the Interior Ministry, it's an infraction that would cost the French World Cup winner around 1500 euros. 

He is not the only person at Real Madrid to breach the lockdown rules. As SPORT revealed, Welsh forward Gareth Bale decided to play golf the weekend after a basketball player at the club, Thompkins, tested positive for coronavirus (March 13, 14) and when the Spanish government raised the state of emergency in the country. 




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