Pochettino admits he thought he would replace Mourinho at Madrid

The former Espanyol coach spoke about the past and the future

Pochettino y Mourinho mantienen una buena relación
Pochettino y Mourinho mantienen una buena relación | EFE

Former Espanyol and Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino, currently unemployed, spoke about the past and the future. He thought he would one day coach Real Madrid - after Mourinho.

“I always think I’d replace him,” Pochettino told the Guardian in an interview. “He was at Real Madrid. I say: ‘Oh, maybe one day I can take your place at Real Madrid,’ but look at how life works out. He has taken my place at Tottenham. Unbelievable, eh?”

Poch has been out of action for a few months and is thinking about his next project.

“I’m very open to wait for the seduction of the project rather than the country,” Pochettino added.

“It’s about the club and, of course, the people, the human dimension. We are so open. Of course, we love England and the Premier League. I still think the Premier League is the best league in the world.

"It’s one of the options and, of course, it can be my priority but I am not closed to move to a different country. At the moment, my idea is to stay here, live in London – myself and my family. It’s going to be difficult (to move abroad) but not impossible.”



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