Perez won't swallow Cristiano Ronaldo's blackmail attempt

The Real Madrid star is hopeful of landing a payrise this summer

Cirstiano Ronaldo dejó entrever que su futuro está fuera del Real Madrid | BEINSPORTS

If you are looking for an anthology of nonsense, Cristiano Ronaldo would break the record for his unexplainable words as Real Madrid celebrated the ‘Decimotercera’ on Saturday. 

Alejandro Alcázar


Ronaldo said "it has been great being at Real Madrid" and ignored another question pushing him on his future, just saying: "The main thing was to win, to go down in history."

He is thought to be unhappy because he now earns less than players like Neymar and Lionel Messi. 

His comments where a jar of cold water on his team's 3-1 win over Liverpool. Madrid supporters are fed up of him playing with their feelings, with their passion, with their badge and with the history of their club to try and make himself the spotlight. 

It doesn't matter that after his quotes he repeated on six occasions that "the future of one player is not important now." It doesn't matter at all. They were dirty words in what should have been a moment of celebration.

Let no one be fooled, this is the real Ronaldo, as lethal in front of goal as he is with his comments.  


"Well, everyone goes and others come," joked Sergio Ramos about the comments after the game. 

All the Madrid players are convinced that "If he'd have scored, he wouldn't have said anything," as reported by Madrid-based newspaper Marca. 

The worst thing of all was the journey home for the thousands of Madrid fans in Kiev, who were now focused on his controversial comments rather than more European success. 

Those least surprised were the directors. What they didn't expect was for it to arrive so soon after the Champions League success. 

The angriest, though, are the supporters, who took to social media: "Not even more day depending on a megalomaniac," read one message. Another said: "We're fed up of his attention seeking..."


The press in the Spanish capital asked where the lack of loyalty came from. The opinion columns got lost in analysing his intention, rather than celebrating a fourth Champions League in five years. 

"Joy cut by Cristiano." "Angel and demon." "Offside phrases." "Where's Cristiano going?" 

Marca even made a poll wih five questions for fans: 52 percent thought he would stay, 89 percent though he'd made a mistake with his demands, 79 percent say he has no reason to be unhappy, 62 percent don't think Madrid should go out of their way to keep him and 31 percent would sell him for 200 million euros of more. 

total Unanimity

One thing Ronaldo's achieved is to united everyone associated with Madrid. That's given the advantage to Florentino Perez for their meeting before the World Cup. The president won't swallow his blackmail and has always valued the option of selling him if necessary: "If you go, it will bring in the money to sign Messi," he famously once said to the Portuguese star.  

It wouldn't be bad business for a player that will turn 34 next season. 


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