Luka Jovic's dad: If he has to go to prison then so be it, if he's guilty

Milan Jovic defended his son after claims that he had broken his corona quarantine

Jovic: He tomado la mejor decisión | EFE

Luka Jovic got in trouble for 'breaking quarantine' after he was seen in Belgrade, and apologised if he put anyone in danger, but his father defended him speaking to Serbian media.

"Now it seems he's a criminal," said Milan Jovic. "If he has to go to prison then let him go to prison. I totally agree with the president, but only if he's culpable. I support the decision if he was wrong, but he came to Belgrade and stayed in his apartment. The photos of him having fun were from Spain from months ago. Even Sofia (his girlfriend), who is pregnant, cannot leave the apartment.

"Luka came to Serbia to be with his family. He's always prepared to help his country, economically or in whatever way. I think the criticism has been excessive. There are misunderstandings, it hurts me to see what happened."


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