Javier Tebas lashes out against Real Madrid

The president of La Liga was not happy with the latest reports about Project Sustainable

| Javi Ferrándiz

La Liga president Javier Tebas has hit out at Real Madrid and their president Florentino Perez. In a letter written by Tebas he accuses Madrid of “trying to confound and boycott any initiative that tries to improve and grow the rest of the clubs in La Liga”. 

The division’s chief did not like the appearance of Project Sustainable.

“Those who have signed what’s called Project Sustainable, have had over four months to analyse and work in depth on alternatives, but at no moment have they shared any type of work with La Liga, which makes us think there isn’t any. It’s an attempt to create confusion and derail a solid project (CVC) to reinforce La Liga.”

Tebas singled out Los Blancos. “It’s not new to have Real Madrid against any initiative that looks to improve things for all the clubs, but in recent months we’ve seen how they increase the accusations, pressure and aggression. They’ve looked to hurt La Liga in terms of reputation and economically. Why don’t they want a stronger and better La Liga?”




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