Javier Tebas: It can't be that PSG take Mbappe away having lost 300 million

Javier Tebas: It can't be that PSG take Mbappe away having lost 300 million

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The LaLiga chief is not impressed with the idea of the French striker staying in Paris

Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, took part in an event in Madrid about the digital transformation of sport and later spoke about the possible signing of Kylian Mbappe by Real Madrid. Tebas was surprised that PSG can compete with Madrid for a player of that calibre, taking into account their economic situation.

"I think Mbappe will be at Real Madrid, but one day he's white, another black, he changes... but I think so," Tebas said. "I have read so many twists so many times... It would not be unexpected, because there are always twists. The feeling I have is that if he had wanted to renew he would have already done so, but I could be wrong.”

On whether the renewal of Mbappé at PSG would be a problem for La Liga, Tebas made it clear that in that case "we wouldn't have good news, but it wouldn't be bad news either.”

PSG numbers to try and keep the France international are impossible for the rest of the European clubs to reach. Tebas wanted to comment on this. “PSG is going to end this year with 650 million euros in wages, with 300 million losses and is still going to make a millionaire offer to Mbappe?”

Tebas concluded by attacking the lack of rules for a club like PSG: "If we are getting our act together in Europe with the state-owned clubs and there is an important reform by UEFA in that sense, this cannot be. 

“If Real Madrid is the best managed team during the pandemic, which has not lost money during the pandemic, which has significant reserves, which possibly, and I hope, will be European champions… It cannot be that a team that has lost 300 million with a wage bill of 600 million that does not generate money, even accidentally, can take a player of that level away from them, it can’t be.”




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