Gareth Bale: It's quite a strict lockdown in Spain, we can't go out at all

The Welshman says there is no need to rush football back

Bale, jugador del Madrid
Bale, jugador del Madrid | sport

Albert Masnou


Gareth Bale spoke to BT Sport in the UK about the "strict" lockdown measures in Spain as the country battles one of Europe's worst outbreaks of coronavirus. 

Football in Spain has been suspended since March and there's no date for a return to action yet. Bale says everyone wants to get back on the pitch but that health and safety comes first in times like these. 

"It's quite a strict lockdown, we can't go out at all, can't go out for a walk or exercise or anything," he said. "It's very strict, but I guess we're all doing it for the greater good.

"Everyone wants to play football, but the most important thing is everyone stays safe, we don't come back too early and we make sure everything is done safely so we avoid the second wave of this virus.

"The difficult thing, you hear everyone saying they want to get the season finished and do this and that. But you need to look at the bigger picture, the most important thing is everyone's health.

"With football, everyone misses it and wants to play, everyone wants to watch.

"But the bigger picture is there will be many more seasons of football, Champions Leagues, leagues and cups, the important thing is getting this right now, if we can get that right, it'll make football last much longer in the future and we won't have a problem like this in the future."



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