Florentino Pérez: "Raúl and Casillas are Madrid's two great frauds"

In a leaked tape from 2006, Real Madrid's president can be heard criticising two of the club's all-time legends

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Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, has been caught on tape criticising and discrediting two of the club's legends back in 2006. The audio, which has been uncovered by 'El Confidencial', includes the president talking about Iker Casillas and Raúl González. The latter is currently employed as manager of Real Madrid Castilla. The former, meanwhile, is executive vice-president of the club's Foundation.

"Casillas isn't good enough to be the goalkeeper of Real Madrid, what do you want me to say? He's never been good enough. He's been our biggest mistake. But there are those who adore him, those who love him, those who talk to him. They defend him through thick and thin. Well, he's one of the club's biggest frauds. The second is Raúl. The two great frauds of Real Madrid are Raúl and then Casillas", said the president about the players back in 2006.

In the uncovered tape, Perez also criticises football players in general, who he says he is unable to trust.

"Players are very selfish. You can't count on them for anything, and he who trusts them is mistaken. They'll hang you out to dry, it's a joke. I have a horrible view of players", Pérez can be heard saying in the audio.

The report by 'El Confidencial' also says that Pérez "takes a particular swipe at the ex-striker, the club's second highest goalscorer of all time and its top appearance maker. He accuses him of "destroying" Real Madrid and says he is one of the reasons why he resigned as president in 2006".

Florentino Pérez resigned as the club's president in February 2006, before returning to the role in 2009.




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