Eden Hazard: "I'm scared of catching the coronavirus"

The Belgian international, who plays for Real Madrid, also said he was worried about potentially passing it on to somebody else

Hazard, hasta dos meses de baja | PERFORM

Eden Hazard has spoken from his own self-isolation in Madrid that he, just like everybody else in the world, is "scared" of catching the coronavirus. But more than that, he's worried about potentially passing it onto others.

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"Am I scared to catch it? Yeah, like everyone else in the world. I'm more worried about passing it onto others if I did catch it. That's a more delicate situation. If I got it, I think I'd b able to manage it and we've got people available to help us overcome the disease. But vulnerable people would suffer more and it's those I'm worried about," Hazard said.

The Real Madrid winger spoke to "RTBF" via a video call. "The news we're seeing from Madrid isn't great, at least based on what we see on the TV. But at the end of the day the weather is good and we've got a garden for the kids. It isn't easy but I believe there are a lot of other people who have more reason to complain than we do."

Hazard admits that he is watching his diet and following fitness videos to ensure he's ready to play should the season be given the green light to continue. 

As for his advice to people stuck in self-isolation: "Do different things, especially if you've got kids. Play cards, board games, watch a little bit of TV, maybe see a film. Change your habits and don't spend too long in front of the TV."



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