Cristiano Ronaldo loses his cool with Bernabeu fans: "Hijos de puta"

It's the 23rd minute at the Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid had not started well against Real Sociedad and the home supporters were beginning to criticise their team.

Not just for their performance against La Real, but for their five previous games, too, when they have won just once and been eliminated from the Copa del Rey. Madrid, who were dreaming of the treble, have become frustrated. The stands were uncomfortable and were keen to let Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo know. 

Minute 23. Ronaldo's touch lets him down and he loses the ball. The Bernabeu jeers and Ronaldo gets angry. Lucas Vazquez wins the ball back immediately but at that moment the camera focuses on Ronaldo and he insults the fans at the Bernabeu: "Hijos de puta". 

The tension between the Madrid star and the supporters was quickly noticed by the radios and social media. 


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