Rafinha: If not for Celta, I'd be at Barcelona

The Brazilian midfielder left Camp Nou for Vigo

Así ha sido la llegada de Rafinha a Vigo  | @EnXogo_tvG2

Brazilian midfielder Rafinha Alcántara said that if he didn't join Celta Vigo he would have stayed at Barcelona. 

EFE/Sport EN

"You have a phrase 'from the heart' which sums up what the players who have come feel for the club," said Rafinha. "If it wasn't for Celta I wouldn't have left, I'd have stayed at Barcelona," he told CeltaMedia.

The former Barcelona man is pleased to defend a badge that he's been associated with since he was young. His father Mazinho played at Celta. "It's something that you have from little, that you feel, you can't explain it," added Rafinha. 

Rafinha, en una acción con Balenziaga | EFE



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