Messi's eldest two sons also sign for Paris Saint-Germain after Barça exit

Thiago and Mateo were inscribed with the club's academy on Tuesday

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Lionel Messi wants his family to adapt to life in France as quickly as possible. After making his Paris Saint-Germain deadline in the win over Reims at the weekend, it's now emerged that his sons have also signed for the French club.

Mateo and Thiago will also wear the PSG shirt. Messi was at the club on Tuesday with his two eldest sons so that they could get started after leaving Barcelona with their dad, whose contract had expired at Camp Nou.

However, neither of them are obliged to remain with the team given Messi has not included them in his contract. For that reason, according to the Patria Potestad legislation, both Mateo and Thiago could play for another team if they wanted.

Thiago, born in 2012, could play for either the U9s or U10s, while Mateo, born in 2015, will play for the U7 team. Messi's youngest child, Ciro, has not been registered.

Messi is not the first player to sign his kids up with PSG. Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic also did the same when they were at the club.

Los hijos de Messi se incorporan al PSG




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