Pep Guardiola reveals his future if Man City win the treble

Pep Guardiola reveals his future if Man City win the treble

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The former Barcelona coach is closing in on the second treble of his career

Pep Guardiola is very clear about what his next step will be after lifting the second treble of his career. In an interview with Sky Sports, the Santpedor-born boss explained that he wants to stay at Manchester City next season. For now, his intention is to continue "regardless of the results" and what happens in the Champions League and FA Cup.  

Guardiola has a contract until 2025, and his desire is to fulfil it by adding more titles to his trophy cabinet and adding to his history at the Manchester giants. However, it could all go wrong if he fails against Inter or stumbles against his city rivals in the cup final. 

"Right now I'm not thinking about leaving, but who knows. I would like to continue next season regardless of the results. I don't know how I'm going to feel winning or losing the two opportunities ahead of us," he told Sky Sports. Guardiola, after a long history of misfortune in the competition, is feeling the pressure of lifting his first Champions League in England. 

Last chance?

It will be his second Champions League final with City, two seasons after defeat at the hands of Chelsea. "I'm afraid of losing. I don't like to be criticised, I want to feel the respect of my players. Next season will be tough because every club wants to beat us. Next season, we will defend our crown," he explained. 

Although they are once again the favourites, they will have to fight to beat an Inter side who are desperate to return to European glory 13 years later. It won't be easy. 

On the subject of Premier League sanctions, Guardiola is very relaxed. A few months ago, the Premier League formally charged Manchester City for a series of breaches of the competition's financial rules that allegedly occurred between 2009 and 2018. There is still no news on the investigation. 

Guardiola called for an effective and quick solution to this problem so that he can continue to work normally. "I would like the Premiership and the judges to say something as soon as possible, then if we have done something wrong everyone will know, and if we have done things right as a club, something we believe in, people will stop talking," he said. 

The feeling is that the manager is confident of Manchester City's 'innocence' in the whole affair and it is not a factor that could condition his long-term future. "I will still be here next season even if there are 110 offences against us. Don't worry, we will be there," the manager promised.

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