Man City will let their stadium be used to help NHS in coronavirus crisis

Real Madrid did the same in Spain to let medical stock be kept there

 El Etihad se convirtió en una gran fiesta cuando los jugadores del city levantaron el trofeo | Pol Ballús

The coronavirus pandemic is disastrous for football but clubs are showing their most charitable sides during it. Players have donated millions, as well as equipment like masks and tests, and now clubs are offering whole stadiums.

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Man City’s Etihad Stadium will be taken over by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to help the battle against coronavirus.City are going to let their executive boxes and conference rooms be used to help train doctors and nurses.

In 2017 their stadium was also used as a refuge for victims of the Manchester Arena bombing.

Other Man City stars have participated in the NHS’s #StayHomeSaveLives social media campaign, designed to get people to stay at home to help stop the virus from spreading.


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