Jose Mourinho: It would be good for football to finish the season

The coach misses football and there are 92 games to play in the PL

José Mourinho, entrenador del Tottenham
José Mourinho, entrenador del Tottenham | AFP

Jose Mourinho has hailed the return of football as a good thing.


"If we play the remaining nine matches this season it will be good for every one of us," he told Sky Sports.

"It will be good for football, for the Premier League. If we play football behind closed doors I'd like to think that football is never behind closed doors. With cameras, it means that millions and millions are watching. So if one day we walk into this empty stadium, it will not be empty, not at all."

The Tottenham coach says he misses being on the sidelines.

"I miss football. But I prefer to say I miss our world, like I think we all do. Football is just part of my world. But we have to be patient, this is a fight that we all have to fight."

"You try to visualise what the normal day is here, the pre-match, the match, after the match, then you come here and just see an incredible hospital facility," he added, of the club’s stadium. "I think it's just fantastic."


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