Investigation: Is Aaron Ramsey killing celebrities with his goals?

Before starting to analyse the relationship between Aaron Ramsey's goals and the deaths of celebrities, let's make two things clear. 

Every day, people die, and what happens when Ramsey scores is not a mathmetical rule but just a macabre coincidence. 

That said, the death of actor Robin Williams on Monday night resurrected the "curse" that accompanies the Welsh midfielder's strikes, after he netted in the Community Shield.

Since his debut, Ramsey has scored 37 goals, a figure he greatly increased last season when he was playing well for Arsenal.

One by one if you look at them you can establish connections between 14 of these goals and people that have died after them. 

The first match was on October 16, 2009 when Ramsey scored for Wales against Lichtenstein, after which followed the death of jouralist Andres Montes, 

Since then there are several big names like former footballer Antonio De Nigris (Oct 2011), Osama Bin Laden (May 2011), Steve Jobs and Muammar Al-Gaddafi (October 2011), Whitney Houston (Feb 2012), Chavela Vargas (Aug 2012), Bebo Valdes (March 2013), Jorge Rafel Videla (May 2013). 

After that, between May and November, Ramsey scored 13 goals with boxer Ken Norton his only "victim". 

However the curse returned afterwards, when he notched two goals against Cardiff on November 30, 2013, the same day actor Paul Walker died. 

Since them, his three goals have coincided with three other deaths, boxer Hurricane Carter, HG Giger the illustrator, and actor Robin Williams. 

This is a tragic accident caused by chance, but it springs to mind around the world when Ramsey nets. 


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