Gonzalo Higuain: I didn't go out for fear of what they would say to me

The Argentine reveale that now he is not bothered by his critics

Higuaín disfruta ahora del fútbol
Higuaín disfruta ahora del fútbol | Afp

Gonzalo Higuain revealed, in an interview with ESPN's 'Hablemos de Futbol' that for a while he was afraid of going out into the street because of what people might say to him. 

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"I have always regretted taking refuge at home and not having gone out on the street just out of fear of what criticis might tell me," explained Higuain, formerly of Real Madrid, Napoli and Juventus, currently on loan at Chelsea. "There are people who do evil and bad things with an uncovered face without shame.

"We haven't killed anyone, we only play sport and we cannot go out? People always say 'with the money they earn...', but you can't buy friends. I have been spending birthdays and Christmases with different people for 14 years.

"I want to see my mother but it's 15 hours on a plane for her. Obviously, I could pay for the ticket but I don't have her 10 minutes from me. The people don't see that, only the goals you score or your performances. I'm at a stage of me life in which nothing hurts me a lot (now)."



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