Exclusive Ferran Torres interview: Man City move, playing for Pep, David Silva

The Spain international sat down with SPORT ahead of his Premier League debut

Ferran Torres espera trunfar en el City
Ferran Torres espera trunfar en el City | sport

Ferran Torres has spoken to SPORT after completing his first week under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City following his summer transfer from Valencia. The Spain winger is happy in Manchester and ready to fight for his place in the side ahead of Monday's Premier League opener against Wolves. 

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Q: How's the first week in Manchester been?

A: Since I got there they told me it was very different to Spaun, but we have had some hot, sunny days. They've told me that will end in a few days, but, well, I don't mind (laughs). 

There are some familiar faces in the dressing room...

That's true. I knew Eric (Garcia) from the Spain youth teams, also Rodri from the national team. I have played against Foden at international level... the reception from the dressing room has been great. It's a really good group, everyone is very open, which you appreciate as a new player. 

Has any player especially surprised you?

There are fantastic players, but maybe De Bruyne is the one who has impressed me the most. There's a reason City are one of the best teams in the world. My first impression is to focus on these stars and to be aware that I can learn from them. On the pitch, they can help you improve and I will do all I can so that they can also be at their best. 

As well as De Bruyne, Agüero and Sterling, Messi was also linked this summer. How did you follow that as a City player coming from La Liga? 

I think we have a fantastic team beyond Messi. A team that can compete against any opponent and do big things in the Champions League. On the possible Messi signing, it's not up to me to say anything on that. 

One week in with Guardiola, how key was he in coming here? 

he was the key. He's a coach that knows how to get the best out of every player. That convinced me that it was the best step for my career. With Pep as coach, I can reach my best level. He told me to come, that I was important for the team and that he thought the club was a great place for me. From that moment, the decision was more than made.

Wingers have an important role in Pep's system. What role are you expecting? 

My objective is to play as many games and minutes as possible. I like to find space, to receive the ball to feet. I want to give the coach various options and be prepared for any moment in which he needs me. I'm trying to quickly take on board the mechanisms he demands from us. I think I am on the right path and absorbing what he wants from me. 

Your performances for Spain were a nice introduction for City fans...

I think I can still improve, I still lack a lot, because those games were after a month without playing. But I think you could see the player I am. I can play on both flanks. It's also important for the coach, to see I can play in more than one position. 

And they've seen a replacement for Leroy Sané.

Apart from the fact he's left-footed and I use my right, we do have a similar style. He's also a player that opens the pitch, dribbles, takes on opponents and helps with goals and assists. In my case, from the right side, I could seem a similar player to him. 

Can we expect a reaction from City after Liverpool won the Premier League? Is there a hunger for trophies among the players? 

Liverpool are a really strong side, as they have shown in recent years. But at the same time I think we have a group to fight for everything and to win the Premier League again. I think the team's capable of winning everything and everyone is really looking forward to getting started again. 

You're taking David Silva's No.21 shirt...

It was a huge honour for me to take his number. To do what he's done in Manchester it a lot, but he's always been a reference for me. When I was little and going to Mestalla to see Valencia, he was there, along with Villa, Mata... it was a hell of a side. I also remember him at training. We were little and would wait for photographs and autographs from the first team players. I always sought out Silva. 

Talking of Valencia... thoughts on their summer? 

I will always have to be grateful to Valencia. They've given me everything. They helped develop me into the player I am today and all I can do is say thanks and that they will always be in my heart. 



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